Portugal Golden Visa


June 14 2022

IAS would like to announce to its investors that yesterday afternoon the ARI platform was updated, and we were able to successfully submit several pending applications from our investors.

As far as we understand, the platform has not been drastically changed, but the value of the analysis fee has been updated to € 539,66 per applicant.

Shortly we will contact all our investors that were waiting for submissions and provide all required documents, to confirm the submission of their processes.  We encourage investors that still have not provided IAS with all the required documents to do so as soon as possible, in order to take advantage of the current opening and be submitted immediately.

We would like to stress that we trust that the government is doing everything in its power to act in order to solve any disruptions that the ARI Platform was having in the past months. We also would like to mention we believe that the lock on the system was just the consequence of a series of bureaucratic events that unenabled the government to proceed with its work with the update of the system.

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