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fter family reunification, each applicant and all dependents under the Golden Visa will have the right to study in Portugal at the same costs as citizens and permanent residents. Public schools, which are taught in the Portuguese language, are free of cost to Golden Visa holders aged 5 to 18. Private schools in Portugal are taught in English and fall under either the UK, US, or the French system.

University students can benefit from the high quality of education. There are more than 300 higher education institutions in Portugal, 7 of which are ranked among the top 1000 in the world. Some Portuguese Universities have established agreements with schools around the world in order to facilitate international transfers to an equivalent degree. This can allow the subjects that the student has taken to be credited during the transfer. Some Portuguese Universities under the Regulation on Re-Entry, Course Change, Transfer, and Special Entry Agreements offer this possibility, however it depends on the existence of an agreement between the universities in question. These universities can be public or private.

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tudents can also study in a Portuguese University under the International Student Statute, which is a special statute in the Portuguese law for non-European citizens. In this case, students can apply through a special enrollment application that involves filing certain requirements, such as having attained full secondary education or a recognized equivalent thereof.

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