Why Portugal 

Portugal’s Golden Visa permit was established in 2007 and has become one of the more popular permanent resident programs. Portugal is a great tourist attraction, offering a good and safe quality of life. The investor visa allows residences to live, work or study anywhere in the EU making it a very attractive destination for families. Investors can purchase real estate in the scenic areas of Lisbon, Porto, Cascais, Algarve and other regions in the country. Other investment options are also available.

Benefits Of Golden Visa 

Invest Abroad

Become a global citizen by investing in property abroad. Benefit from diversifying your asset base internationally. Purchase property in Europe and benefit from rental and property returns. Portugal has created the Golden Visa, a mechanism that grants a temporary residence permit without the need for a prior residence visa. When citizens of any country outside the European Union, personally or through a company, make a substantial investment in real estate, artistic or scientific activity, urban rehabilitation, or create jobs in Portuguese territory for a minimum period of 5 years, they will qualify for residency.

Portugal Golden visa invest in real estate

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Mercan Capital and our partners will help all applicants to complete the requirements such as opening bank accounts, getting tax representatives, registering the land and title deeds, submitting the documents to the immigration border agency, as well as accompanying applicants to do the biometrics.

Sintra, Portugal

Azenhas do Mar 

Douro river and Dom Luis bridge, Porto, Portugal